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Sunshine Viper formed in Moline, IL during the summer of 2008 - when Daniel Davis was relocating from Wichita, KS to Iowa City, IA to start graduate studies at the University of Iowa.  Tapia had been in a band with Davis' older brother Matthew (check out xONLYTENBETWEENUSx, they were excellent).  When the opportunity to play music together arose, it was out of pure luck - and so, the band itself was formed around a desire to hang out as friends over the course of a summer, and work on recording music together as a way to pass the time.  It ended up being a true exploration of their mutual experimental tendencies - all of the songs were written blind, with one collaborator adding a track and the next coming in to listen and add their contribution.  What resulted was Sunshine Viper - and this TAHRC cassette captures their entire recorded output.  Well, actually: there's a rumored unfinished EP that may still see the light of day in cassette form as well...


L I S T E N   N O W
current and upcoming releases for your ears to hear
T R O Y  J A M E S  W E A V E R
' 1 '

Excellent new jams from Troy James Weaver!  In addition to being a talented writer and novelist, my guy can pull a great sounding solo record out of thin air, too.  Totally touching and perfect lo-fi jams that recall Sebadoh's Freed Weed, Jesus and Mary Chain, and more.

N O T  C O P S   
' G O B L I N  B E D R O O M '

New music from NOT COPS, off their quarantine performance at WAVE in Wichita, KS.  NC has a sizable crop of new music that is shaping up to be their 2nd LP, and you can hear many of the new jams recorded for the first time on this cassette.  Loud band makes loud music!

R A W    A N T H O N Y  ' C A P E S '

Two of TAHRC's long-running champions have collaborated on a 10 minute

EP of gigantic proportions.  RAW ANTHONY is the joining up of RAW SPACE as hip-hop producer and MARRICE ANTHONY as the best rapper alive.  I guarantee that this is the hottest EP you will hear this summer.  If you don't know, dont ask - just listen.  Preorders for limited cassette available now.