Sergio Leone


Sergio Leone was a two-piece goth-pop band from Iowa City, IA and Bloomington/Normal, IL.  Matthew Davis and Molly Freeman formed the band more than 20 years ago, and actually performed their first set here in Wichita, KS, while visiting family.  This cassette is their first release, comprised of guitar and piano arrangements held together by a host of samples from films and television.  The cassette, named Funeral Hits, is the only release that they ever recorded, although there are a couple live recordings floating around somewhere that capture the band in their final stage, which was more focused around drum machine beats and Davis' vocals.  Sergio Leone remains one of the most important bands to perform in the early stages of the Wichita DIY scene of the late 90's / early 00's, and this cassette, released at their first show, preserves just a small fraction of the incredible music these two made during their time together as a band.  More copies of the cassette will be made available during 2020.