Low Oriole


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Low Oriole hailed originally from Hutchinson, KS, and was, for most of their career, a two-piece comprised of Skyler Marshall on guitar (and occasional vocals) and Jackson Graham on drums.  They were, and still remain, the most exciting and energetic math rock band I've ever seen in my life.  Their songwriting was always fantastic - sudden changes, complex exchanges and all at ridiculous speeds. Plus, these guys had a style of playing that was at once completely self-made, and also competitively excellent musically.  I really love this release - recorded by the talented Paul Anop (The Empress, Necropanther) live at Kirby's Beer Store, it is, in my opinion, a portrait of a excellent band at their very peak - with the final addition of Phil Ross on bass during their last year or so perfoming, they achieved something so clearly original that I know we'll never quite see another band like them.  This cassette has been sold out for years, but I hope to have it restocked again in 2020.