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Joy Sores were (are?) an excellent shoegazed-infused punk band from northern Texas (Denton/Dallas area).  After a blistering set at ICTFEST in Wichita, KS in 2013, I was able to meet them and talk about all the bands and friends we had in common (mostly, Ten Grand and Battle Royale).  It just so happened that they were planning on recording as soon as they got back to Denton the next day, and I expressed some great desire to release it whenever they got it done.  They contacted me no less than a week later with this incredible little jammer, and Riding High was born.  Joy Sores have everything that I want from a live band - too much volume, too solid of melodies, and the kind of love and energy that keeps a band alive for years.  Riding High will be in print again eventually, but for now, check the knowledge below: