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Flower of Flesh and Blood is Adam Goodwin's noise and drone project that was extremely active during the first few years of TAHRC.  FOFAB is an amazing solo performer, but would also often collaborate with other artists, both in the studio and on stage (There are multiple side projects, like FLOWERCRUSHER, which was FOFAB and Dreamcrusher's Luwayne Glass), and also brought a lot of interesting split releases to the world, including the mighty Torturing Nurse, who we were floored to be able to work with on a release through Goodwin's relationship with the band.  FOFAB is old-school DIY noise music, and has had an almost single-handed effect on bringing together a noise and experimental scene all his own in Wichita.  I hear rumblings of new releases though our dear friends NOT SWELL, and perhaps more live performances in the future.


Operation Sunset

Flower of Flesh and Blood

Audio not available - cassette only


Unknown 7.9.14

Flower of Flesh and Blood

Audio not available - cassette only

L I S T E N   N O W
current and upcoming releases for your ears to hear
C L E M E   ' W O N T S '

CLEME's newest album is a masterpiece in exploration - there's a lot of new ideas that come together in interesting ways on this album, and not all of them seem planned out.  In a lot of ways, this album feels like a surprise - one that you discover along with the artist as you listen.  "Magink" kicks off the album, and you'll immediately know what I mean when you hear it.

N O T  C O P S   ' L T E T R '

NOT COPS has spent about two years on this album, through lineup changes and lots of live performing, and they finally carved out the time to finish their debut LP and make it available.  It's out now on cassette, and will be available on CD and LP in the springtime.  Jam it for free now!

M A R R I C E  A N T H O N Y  ' N I M B U S  3 ' 

MARRICE ANTHONY is a mastermind, and NIMBUS 3 is no exception - from beginning to end, it's consistent and real hip-hop from one of today's most prolific and talented MCs.  It's the best production he's ever put forward, and without a doubt his finest release to date.  Listen to the entire album above, and grab a cassette before they're sold out!