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EYES is the long-running musical relationship between Jorge Tapia and Billy Harris.  Originating in the Quad Cities, EYES was a real shapeshifter of a band - the energy and chaos that they could muster live was consistent, but the music, style, and cast of characters - both in their live performances and onstage - was always remarkably unpredictable.  There's a lot of genius in all the chaos, and when they ventured out to Flat Black Studios to let Luke Tweedy corral their wild music onto an album, they ended up capturing that hard-to-pin-down spirit that made their band worth watching every time (and made their albums something you didn't want to miss).  We were fortunate to be given permission to do this posthumous release for their band - this album is worth returning to again and again.


L I S T E N   N O W
current and upcoming releases for your ears to hear
T R O Y  J A M E S  W E A V E R
' 1 '

Excellent new jams from Troy James Weaver!  In addition to being a talented writer and novelist, my guy can pull a great sounding solo record out of thin air, too.  Totally touching and perfect lo-fi jams that recall Sebadoh's Freed Weed, Jesus and Mary Chain, and more.

N O T  C O P S   
' G O B L I N  B E D R O O M '

New music from NOT COPS, off their quarantine performance at WAVE in Wichita, KS.  NC has a sizable crop of new music that is shaping up to be their 2nd LP, and you can hear many of the new jams recorded for the first time on this cassette.  Loud band makes loud music!

R A W    A N T H O N Y  ' C A P E S '

Two of TAHRC's long-running champions have collaborated on a 10 minute

EP of gigantic proportions.  RAW ANTHONY is the joining up of RAW SPACE as hip-hop producer and MARRICE ANTHONY as the best rapper alive.  I guarantee that this is the hottest EP you will hear this summer.  If you don't know, dont ask - just listen.  Preorders for limited cassette available now.