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O U T    N O W



We are beyond stoked to bring you our first release from HEVEL HAVALIM, the dark musical work of Breck Adkins.  HH is as meditative and hypnotizing as it is emotionally heavy and brooding.  The mixture creates a fascinating oscillation between order and disorder, pain and elation, and the instrumentation for this double album follows that same journey.

The album was recorded at Mega City Sounds (engineered by the Hays brothers), and features stunning handmade artwork from Emily Adkins.

The cassettes are packaged in single cassette clamshells, and are limited to 50 copies, with 25 being made available via the TAHRC online store.  Check out the bad boy below:

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L I S T E N   N O W
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C L E M E   ' W O N T S '

CLEME's newest album is a masterpiece in exploration - there's a lot of new ideas that come together in interesting ways on this album, and not all of them seem planned out.  In a lot of ways, this album feels like a surprise - one that you discover along with the artist as you listen.  "Magink" kicks off the album, and you'll immediately know what I mean when you hear it.

N O T  C O P S   ' L T E T R '

NOT COPS has spent about two years on this album, through lineup changes and lots of live performing, and they finally carved out the time to finish their debut LP and make it available.  It's out now on cassette, and will be available on CD and LP in the springtime.  Jam it for free now!

M A R R I C E  A N T H O N Y  ' N I M B U S  3 ' 

MARRICE ANTHONY is a mastermind, and NIMBUS 3 is no exception - from beginning to end, it's consistent and real hip-hop from one of today's most prolific and talented MCs.  It's the best production he's ever put forward, and without a doubt his finest release to date.  Listen to the entire album above, and grab a cassette before they're sold out!