Battle Royale


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Battle Royale were an excellent screamo band from Kansas City, Missouri.  They were everything you could ask for in a loud band - interesting songwriting, tight performances and earnest vocals that made them a flagship band in the KCDIY scene.  As all bands eventually do, Battle Royale hung up its spurs in 2013, but their influence on the scene at the time is undeniable.  Their members were active in the Midwest DIY community, putting on a lot of shows in the KC area for bands that ended up forming relationships with TAHRC (former members Dakota Shipp and Damian Fisher both had releases on TAHRC for their other bands, Bluehealer and Ragdoll, respectively), and these recordings were the seed of those relationships.  Their discography is their only release on TAHRC, and it's posthumous, but it is a collection of a truly active band who were equally gifted at the music they poured their passion into.  For fans of Ten Grand, 400 Years, Orchid, etc.