And Academy


And Academy was a legendary indie/90s emo/pop band from Wichita, KS.  Full disclosure: this band is one of my favorites of all time.   They were active from the late 90s through the mid 2000s, but during that time, they recorded some of the most important albums to ever come out of Kansas.  Formed up around members Ryan Law, Les Easterby, Mike Murphy, Adam Phillips, Brian Armitage and Ryan Rodine, AA put out several EPs and full length albums, in addition to innumerable recordings from practice spaces and live performances.  HER AND HURT, AIDS is a two-hour collection of tracks spanning their entire career, from releases that have long since gone out of print, to B-side recordings and rarities.  AA was a major engine in the all-ages community boom of the early 2000s - truthfully, they booked my first band (Hanoi Chevrolet) on many of our first shows, and supported the development and engagement of DIY spaces like The Funky Foot, The Cabinets, Lee Shiney Art Gallery and The Electric Snake.  Of all the bands that were active during this time, I can't think of one that was more important to the development of the DIY community.  Not only were they active in support, but their band was phenomenal - somewhere between Polvo, Olivia Tremor Control and Karate, with better hooks than Justin Timberlake.  And Academy is a band that absolutely needs to live on - being allowed by the band members to release this collection was one of the most important moments in all of my time working on TAHRC.  They remain a singularly important band in Kansas DIY history.