May's TAHRC playlist comes from Breck Adkins (Nihilis, Carcinogen Racehorse, Not Cops, Hevel Havalim), and it's a complete slapper. Breck is one of the most prolific artists in the Midwest, active in multiple bands, and also constantly turning out new music under a host of monikers. He's got a new split double cassette release with Meth Damon coming out through TAHRC next month. There's a lot of real slappers on his list, check it out below, and big thanks to the homie:

The Serpent Overlord - Prends Ma Vie
Hosmer - Change Their Game
The Body - The Blessed Lay Down And Writhe In Agony
CHPNDL - Continue Menu
Curl Up and Die - There Is Never Enough Time . . .
Nothing//Special - Framework
Anal Trump - That Makes Me Smart (full album)
Cricket Wand - 8
Muscle Worship - A Firebreather Carefully Sobs
Coalesce - Counting Murders and Drinking Beers
Broadview - Funeral Rites
Daniel Higgs - Have I Gone Insane
Trap Them - Fuckin' Viva
Faux Reality - Wooden Box #2
The Atlas Moth - Fearless (Pink Floyd Cover)
Marrice Anthony - Go Away

V I D E O    S P O T L I G H T 

TV BOY have been ripping shows here in Wichita for quite some time now, and we had the pleasure of releasing their

most recent EP, 'NOTHING AMAZING HAPPENS HERE,' on cassette back in November of 2019.  We're in the process of

reissuing the cassette for a second run for both the online store and the band, so you should be able to get your hands on a copy within the month.  Enjoy the live footage from the homies at KIRBY'S BEER STORE, and head over HERE to listen to the album, and check back for the reissue announcement soon!

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O U T   N O W




The long-awaited full length from Wichita, KS heavy punks NOT COPS is finally here and available on cassette!  The album was released digitally back in December, and we've been busy working on getting the cassettes out and ready for you all!  The first run of 100 cassettes is almost gone, so you can head over HERE to the online store to grab a copy! LPs and CDs will be announced shortly, as well as some other new surprises from the band this week, so keep your eyes open for more NOT COPS material as they prepare for their next album!

O U T    N O W




MARRICE ANTHONY has become an unstoppable force of MC prowess and beat engineering in the past couple of years, honing his craft and holding up in the basement working on music at an almost constant rate.  NIMBUS 3 is the culmination of that focus and productivity, collecting tracks that MARRICE produced throughout the year.  It's an album unlike any of his past work, in the sense that we're getting a seasoned producer/engineer/MC all in one from MA this time - and you can hear his trajectory arcing higher and higher as the album progresses.

There's no question that fans of MARRICE's past work will want to get their hands on this cassette, and we're busy making them available as quickly as possible.  You can visit us HERE to purchase a copy, or to stream the entire album, and you can download the album directly from the man himself by going to his BANDCAMP page.  More information (including a possible limited edition LP) coming soon!



O U T    N O W




CLEME returns to the TAHRC family for his 5th release on the label, 'WONTS' - it's a absolutely flawless close collection of dream beats and tight production, centering around a tumultuous period in the artist's life and the music that as created during and from that period.  As usual, the artwork for this release is spectacular - we're happy to offer a limited number of copies of the cassette only HERE, but for the true fan, you should visit the BIGMENTION BANDCAMP page and purchase the deluxe editions, including a double-sided 11x17 poster and a limited edition 3x3 zine.  

We'll have a limited number of cassettes available HERE on our online store, but we encourage you to go grab them from the man himself (and get the bonus goodies that come with it before they're gone).


L I S T E N   N O W
current and upcoming releases for your ears to hear
C L E M E   ' W O N T S '

CLEME's newest album is a masterpiece in exploration - there's a lot of new ideas that come together in interesting ways on this album, and not all of them seem planned out.  In a lot of ways, this album feels like a surprise - one that you discover along with the artist as you listen.  "Magink" kicks off the album, and you'll immediately know what I mean when you hear it.

N O T  C O P S   ' L T E T R '

NOT COPS has spent about two years on this album, through lineup changes and lots of live performing, and they finally carved out the time to finish their debut LP and make it available.  It's out now on cassette, and will be available on CD and LP in the springtime.  Jam it for free now!

M A R R I C E  A N T H O N Y  ' N I M B U S  3 ' 

MARRICE ANTHONY is a mastermind, and NIMBUS 3 is no exception - from beginning to end, it's consistent and real hip-hop from one of today's most prolific and talented MCs.  It's the best production he's ever put forward, and without a doubt his finest release to date.  Listen to the entire album above, and grab a cassette before they're sold out!