We're still pushing ahead with new releases in July, and we've also unearthed a small supply of old cassettes that we'll be making available throughout the month!  I know that we're all still in the midst of a crazy and unstable time, but it's been impressed on me how much we need each other as a community, now more than ever.

We've got a new live cassette from NOT COPS this week, as well as a grip of backstock from some releases from years past.  I'll keep the details on those a surprise - we'll keep adding a couple every week, and just like last month, there will be links below so you can listen and/or purchase.  We'll be donating money from our cassette preorders this month to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund.  Thank you all for all your support of both TAHRC and our effort to provide support to people in need during this time.

New releases from LIVING GHOST, GLASS CABBAGES, CHRISTOPHER FLORES, ERICK NKANA, DAVID LADWIG and many more coming throughout the month!


Here's a mixtape/playlist of a lot of the music that has been on repeat here at TAHRC Labs. I'm focusing this mixtape on Black artists - both through the label, and outside of the label in the world at large. This music is 100% not mine, but I 100% back y'all listening to these jams and supporting these artists.

Sun Ra - When There Is No Sun
Arrested Development - Tennessee
Oxbow - Cold and Well-Lit Place
THEESatisfaction - Recognition
Soul Glo - 32
Toro y Moi - Ordinary Guy (ft. The Mattson 2)
Marrice Anthony - Basement
The Vidablue - My Heart Goes Out To Me
Larsa - Dark Jak / Catcher
Daniel Caesar - Best Part (Colors Version)
Earl Sweatshirt - MTOMB (ft. Liv.e)
Moodie Black - Vanowen
Let's Drown Each Other - Obvious
Jesus Piece - Workhorse
Prince - Nothing Compares 2 U
Dreamcrusher - TWO (from Panopticon!)
Laraaji - The Dance No. 2
Knxwledge - Lateonyarent
Roy Ayers - You Send Me
Living Ghost - Some Kids Are Just Born Like That
Yaphet Kotto - Highly Enlightened
Shabazz Palaces - Are you... Can you... Were You? (Felt)
Sergio Leone - Party at My House

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TAHRC is joining forces with a new venture from label alum Ed Bornstein.  He's launching a new label called MONEY TAPES, whose sole purpose will be to work with artists to curate incredible mixtapes of otherwise-unheard or unreleased material, and to put out each release as a means of donating money to a different mutual aid fund each month.  TAHRC is blessed to be manufacturing these beauties, and we have the very first mixtape available now from the founder.  It's called MINUTE DUBS, and it's a collection of extra-short, four-on-the-floor dub masterpieces, each unique and involving a host of collaborations.  The mutual aid fund that the proceeds from MINUTE DUBS will support is called Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression.  Follow the link to learn more.

These cassettes and digital downloads will only be available for the month of August - after that, MT will be offering a new mixtape each month, with a new mutual aid fund to support.  SO: grab one of these super limited cassettes now, and support something needful with your music purchasing power.  Stream the whole banger below:

V I D E O    S P O T L I G H T 

It's been a remarkable pleasure to welcome our friends from KCMO, HXXS, to the TAHRC roster!  We've wanted to find a way to work together on some kind of collaboration or release for over a year, and their new album, HOW THE WEST WAS WON, turned out to be the perfect opportunity.  Cassettes are still available HERE, however supplies are getting extremely limited.  Check out some live footage of the band's performance at Wichita's annual all-ages DIY event, ICT FEST, last year.

O U T   N O W




The long-awaited full length from Wichita, KS heavy punks NOT COPS is finally here and available on cassette!  The album was released digitally back in December, and we've been busy working on getting the cassettes out and ready for you all!  The first run of 100 cassettes is almost gone, so you can head over HERE to the online store to grab a copy! LPs and CDs will be announced shortly, as well as some other new surprises from the band this week, so keep your eyes open for more NOT COPS material as they prepare for their next album!





This is the newest release from NOT COPS - pulled from their latest perfomance at WAVE in Wichita, KS on June 7th, as part of the venue's Quarantine Concert Series.  The band took the opportunity to include some needed voices, and there's an appearance from Marrice Anthony to boot.  The cassette also showcases a large number of new and unreleased songs.  You can click the link below to hear the mixed and mastered recording, and the cassette will be available via preorder below until July 17!

O U T    N O W




MARRICE ANTHONY has become an unstoppable force of MC prowess and beat engineering in the past couple of years, honing his craft and holding up in the basement working on music at an almost constant rate.  NIMBUS 3.5 is the culmination of that focus and productivity, collecting tracks that MARRICE produced throughout the year.  It's an album unlike any of his past work, in the sense that we're getting a seasoned producer/engineer/MC all in one from MA this time - and you can hear his trajectory arcing higher and higher as the album progresses.

There's no question that fans of MARRICE's past work will want to get their hands on this cassette, and we're busy making them available as quickly as possible.  You can visit us HERE to purchase a copy, or to stream the entire album, and you can download the album directly from the man himself by going to his BANDCAMP page.  More information (including a possible limited edition LP) coming soon!



O U T    N O W




RAW ANTHONY is a total dream group for me - one of those weird collaborations between musicians that you love and respect, but never would have imagined working together.  Both MARRICE ANTHONY and RAW SPACE are big names on the TAHRC roster - they've both logged tons of their own individual releases (many of which we at TAHRC were blessed to release), and now, by some miracle, we bring you ten minutes of the best new hip-hop you'll hear this year (unless these cats drop another album before December).  We are proud to present HANNAH, the first EP from RAW ANTHONY.  We'll be putting together 100 of these cassettes in the next few weeks, and currently you can preorder one through our Bandcamp store.

Don't miss this album.  If you have ten minutes, you could change your entire day.  Listen and purchase below:


L I S T E N   N O W
current and upcoming releases for your ears to hear
T R O Y  J A M E S  W E A V E R
' 1 '

Excellent new jams from Troy James Weaver!  In addition to being a talented writer and novelist, my guy can pull a great sounding solo record out of thin air, too.  Totally touching and perfect lo-fi jams that recall Sebadoh's Freed Weed, Jesus and Mary Chain, and more.

N O T  C O P S   
' G O B L I N  B E D R O O M '

New music from NOT COPS, off their quarantine performance at WAVE in Wichita, KS.  NC has a sizable crop of new music that is shaping up to be their 2nd LP, and you can hear many of the new jams recorded for the first time on this cassette.  Loud band makes loud music!

R A W    A N T H O N Y  ' C A P E S '

Two of TAHRC's long-running champions have collaborated on a 10 minute

EP of gigantic proportions.  RAW ANTHONY is the joining up of RAW SPACE as hip-hop producer and MARRICE ANTHONY as the best rapper alive.  I guarantee that this is the hottest EP you will hear this summer.  If you don't know, dont ask - just listen.  Preorders for limited cassette available now.