We're extremely stoked to be working with THE BRICKYARD here in Wichita to put on a couple more of the extremely fun showcases we have done in years past!  For obvious reasons, we had to try to go all out for this first show back, so we're bringing HXXS (KCMO) to play their first show back since the pandemic ended live music performances in 2020.  LIVING GHOST will also be giving a performance, the first in nearly two years (?!?!).  Also filling out this lineup is MARRICE ANTHONY, SHVKXIR, NOTHING//SPECIAL and OLD MAN CREAKY BONES (DANNY ECHO)


We're beyond excited about this, and as a way to commemorate the event, we're making the TAHRC SHOWCASE FIVE COMPILATION and SHOWCASE FIVE TEE available for preorder with a purchase of presale ticket!  You can head HERE directly to purchase an advance ticket, or you can head to our BANDCAMP page and grab a cassette or t-shirt along with your advance ticket!  Shirts are being printed by Wichita's own STRAIGHT PRINTING, and will be available with purchase of advance ticket only.  Same with the comp tapes - you'll be able to buy one in the next week along with an advance ticket to the show!  Any tapes or shirts that are not sold in advance/at the showcase will be listed in the store the next day (in case you want one and can't be there)! 

Obviously, we are completely thrilled that to be back to putting on all ages shows again!  We will be announcing vendors every day this weekend and coming week on our social media, and will continue to provide details and general hype.  This show is open to everyone, and all of the door and merch sales go DIRECTLY to paying bands.  Hope to see you there this coming Thursday!

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I truly cannot accurately communicate how excited I am to be a part of releasing a lost album for Twin Cities legends SIGNAL TO TRUST.  When I was young and just beginning to be a part of the DIY music community, my older brother Matthew shared Signal's first album with me.  He told me that "playing shows with them made him feel like he made it," and when I put their album on, I immediately understood why.  It was a synergy of proper punk energies, executing something fresh and dramatically original.  They were just as formative in my musical life as TEN GRAND, and I've been fortunate to release music for former members Pete Biasi (the incomparable RAW SPACE) and Brandon Onward (Rouse) ( TC's own FALCON CREST).

It has been a unique sort of honor to be able to release this album, 21 years after it was recorded, and especially in collaboration with my friends Chuck Coffey of SNAPPY LITTLE NUMBERS and Tom Loftus of MODERN RADIO RECORD LABEL.  Both of them were a humongous part of getting this project together, and it has been a true pleasure to see this all come to fruition.

First run cassettes will be available in Black and (limited to 5 copies per label) transparent Red shells, and each label will only have 25 copies available for purchase.  Please check out both of these fine labels and if we sell out here at TAHRC, you'll be able to snag a copy from them.  Please enjoy the single off this release, "I Don't Want to Be a Waist," above (mastered by yours truly here at TAHRC Labs), and head over HERE to our BANDCAMP STORE to grab a preorder on these cassettes.  They will go fast.

More information about this release will be forthcoming, and the official release date is April 16th.  Preorder the album to secure a copy of the tape, and to hear this beast of a LP in its entirety before the release date!

V I D E O    S P O T L I G H T 

NOT COPS went and recorded a live session with local audio/visual production wizards SUNSPEAK STUDIOS, and we think it turned out pretty fantastic!  All of these songs will be on their new LP, out in fall 2021.  You'll be able to purchase this performance on cassette in August, so keep your eyes out if you enjoy! 

O U T    N O W


MARRICE ANTHONY has become an unstoppable force of MC prowess and beat engineering in the past couple of years, honing his craft and holding up in the basement working on music at an almost constant rate.  His newest release is an album split into two separate sides, A and B, to be released as separate albums.  The first of these is called 'SIDE A: BRK WK', and it is the culmination of that focus and productivity, collecting tracks that MARRICE produced throughout the pandemic year.  It's an album unlike any of his past work, in that it is thematically focused on the juxtaposition of being rich in talent and ability, and having to work whatever jobs to survive the conditions of last year's global disaster.

Rarely is there a update to the website that doesn't include something brand new from MARRICE, and this album keeps that tradition, with an important difference - it's about all of us, and what we all have to go through to make it in our own lives.  MARRICE's synthesis of production and lyricism on this album create an entire world for the listener.  Absolutely an essential listen, and it's available for purchase now on our BANDCAMP page.  Stream the first track below, and cop a tape before they're all gone!


Outside J-Card.jpg
O U T    S O O N


RAW CR33M is a collaborative recording between the geniuses in AMERICAN CREAM BAND and RAW SPACE.  Originally, we here at TAHRC were working on getting this album out to you last year, but multiple factors that were pandemic related put delays on the process.  However, we are absolutely thrilled to give you a chance to hear the first single off the cassette, "Proud Mary Reborn," which you'll be able to stream below.


AMERICAN CREAM BAND and RAW SPACE both have history with TAHRC, releasing several separate projects throughout the years.  It's really exciting that two groups known for collaboration would put a project like this together.  We'll have a lot to share from this album over the course of July, and we'll have copies available for preorder starting July 23.

We'll be offering more details on this release when the preorder drops on July 16th.  Until then, jam this single to introduce you to the world of MASKED UP IN THE CLUB NOT GIVING A FUCK - you absolutely will not regret it!