We’re really pleased to have several new cassettes ready to order and in the hands of several TAHRC artists, after what was (for us) a long catching up and repairing period for TAHRC.  Not only did I have my first son born in September, but we also had a cassette duplicator go down around the same time, which put a real delay on shipments of several summer preorders, and forced me to reschedule the release of a handful more.  This turned out to be a MASSIVE delay for the label, and for a lot of our goodly customers, who had to wait for me to sort out the gigantic amount of orders that may have been damaged.  We shipped more than 80 orders since that time, and should be finally catching up on all the overdue orders (please email me at hollandflr@gmail.com if you’re still waiting on something – I know I still missed a couple of you).  Thankfully, all of you are wonderfully patient and supportive, and I’ll be able to catch up on shipping out all delayed orders and get started on making a few new cassettes available to you all.

I have continued to work on releases, even though the schedule has been pushed back a couple of times – such is the life of a DIY label.  So today, we’re skipping preorders and going straight to sale for a few awesome cassettes to kick off the month of December: GOLDEN LIVING ROOM‘s POST-INTERNET cassette reissue, DREAMVERB‘s new full length cassette ZONE ENDER, and a mixtape curated by THE SEED HOUSE in Wichita, called ROOT THE POWER.  Here’s a brief rundown of each, for those of you who are interested:

GOLDEN LIVING ROOM‘s POST-INTERNET cassette was originally released by PHINERY last year, and we’re lucky enough to reissue the cassette in a limited format (50 cassettes total).  GLR is incredibly prolific, so all of these releases sell out eventually, and we’ll be offering 25 copies in our ONLINE CATALOG.  The album features collaborations with OSCOBULTRA ウルトラ, and 회사AUTO, and is a stellar example of GLR‘s diversity and expansion beyond the trappings of vaporwave music.  You can stream the full A and B sides below, and you can order a copy by clicking HERE.

DREAMVERB is dropping his very first cassette via TAHRC, entitled ZONE ENDER, and it’s one of the most intriguing, shapeshifting albums that we’ve ever released.  If you’ve had the pleasure of watching DREAMVERB perform, you already have an idea what I’m talking about; his music shifts from looping guitars and vocal manipulations, to piano and accordion melodies, beat sequencing using a Sega Dreamcast, and much more.  It’s an extremely short run cassette (TAHRC will have 25 copies available, and DREAMVERB will have even less available at shows), so you should jam your way through it online, and grab a copy early if it’s something that grabs your attention.  You can stream the entire album below, and click HERE to purchase a copy.

Finally. we have an excellent mixtape curated by THE SEED HOUSE and RAJIDAE PRODUCTIONS here in Wichita, KS, entitled ROOT THE POWER.  The mix is a part of their much larger ROOT THE POWER voting initiative, and will be made available to raise money for their efforts to increase voter turnout in minority and low-income communities.  A serious collection of rippers has been gathered to contribute to the mix, including LEWELHEDS, BARA, OLD MAN CREAKY BONES, SEMIOTIC WEAPONS, KILL VARGAS, MYSTERY BLOOD, FILIUS SOL, FALSE FLAG, LIVING GHOST and KILL IT WITH FIRE!  There are only 20 copies that will be available from TAHRC, and the rest of the copies went straight to THE SEED HOUSE folks for their ROOT THE POWER concert at THE DONUT WHOLE, which took place on Sunday, Nov. 6th.  If you happened to roll through the show, cassettes were available to everyone for free!  The rest of y’all will have to settle with jamming it online (embedded below) and ordering a copy for yourself by clicking HERE.

We’ve got another full schedule of releases coming out next week, which will detail the release dates for a handful of summer 2016 releases that needed to be rescheduled, and a host of others that I know you’ll be excited about.  Hope these bad boys will tide y’all over until that time!

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